How to Create a Google Sitemap

 On Sunday, January 27, 2013  

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  •  Add your site to your webmaster tools account.

  • Verify your site, either by creating a blank HTML file with a certain name (generated by Google), or by inserting a specific meta tag in your site index.

  • Click on the Webmaster Tool button.

  • Enter you site name and URL.

  • Hit the play button in the bottom-left corner.

  • Click on the Sitemap tab.

  • Wait until all the files have finished loading, then select the one which location is the root of your website.

  • Click on the Save Sitemap button, then on the pop-up menu that comes up, click on Google Sitemap.

  • Save the file to you sites directory (or just anywhere if you don't have one).

  • Upload the file to your web server at the highest publicly available directory (normally "www" or "public_html").
  • Go back to Google's webmaster tools, and click on the Sitemaps tab.

  • Click "Add a Sitemap".

  • Select General Web Sitemap on the drop down list.

  • Enter the URL of you sitemap. Eg.

  • Click on Add Web Sitemap.

That's it for create a Google sitemap. It can take up to two of days for Google to download your new sitemap.
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